Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Surgical Trainee Selection Initiative (PDF 30.25KB) 
Academic Surgery Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 93.94KB)
Academy of Surgical Educators Recognition Awards (PDF 121.23KB)
Access to RACS Interview and Assessment Transcripts (PDF 36.45KB)
Accounts Payable Expense Reimbursement (PDF 49.24KB)
ACT Audit of Surgical Mortality Management Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 60.96KB)
Activities Report (PDF 29.58KB)
Admission to Fellowship (PDF 117.98KB) (Regulation)
Advice, Support and Complaints (PDF 111.3KB) (Regulation)
Annual Medical Students Award (PDF 29.6KB)
Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) Management Policy (PDF 192.03KB)
Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) Planning and Review Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 92.25KB)
Anstey Giles Medal (PDF 28.95KB)
ANZ Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Relationship Agreement and Terms of Reference (PDF 124.92KB) 
ANZELA-QI Governance Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 66.33KB) 
ANZELA-QI Steering Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 127.83KB)
Appointments to the Court of Examiners (PDF 57.58KB) 
Appointments to the Faculty of Clinical Examiners (PDF 101.32KB)
Approval of Post Fellowship Training Programs (PDF 45.41KB) (Regulation)
Approval to Conduct Surveys (PDF 110.32KB) 
Area of Need Assessment (PDF 100.58KB) (Regulation)
Assessing an SIMGs Comparability to an Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Trained Surgical Specialist (PDF 119.01KB) (Regulation)
Assessment of Clinical Training (PDF 84.25KB)
ASSET Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 64.49KB) 
Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Scholarship and Grant Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 135.78KB)
Australia and New Zealand Trauma Verification Program (PDF 121.18KB)
Australian and New Zealand Audits of Surgical Mortality ANZASM Terms of Reference (PDF 72.4KB)
Australian Board in General Surgery Terms of Reference (PDF 129.65KB)
Australian Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Regional Subcommittees Terms of Reference (PDF 74.73KB)
Australian Cleft Lip and Palate Association Education Fund Terms of Reference (PDF 16.69KB)
Awards Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 116.03KB) (Regulation)



CCrISP Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 67.08KB)
CCrISP Course Participant Assessment (PDF 37.56KB)
Child Safeguarding (PDF 389KB)
CLEAR Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 42.68KB)
Clinical Examination Subcommittee Terms of Reference (PDF 137.29KB)
Clinical Standards Review (PDF 152.73KB)
Clinical Trials Network Australia New Zealand (CTANZ) Research Fund Terms of Reference (PDF 31.86KB)
Clinical Trials Network Australia New Zealand Working Party Terms of Reference (PDF 41.2KB)
Clinician Researcher Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 49.77KB)
Code of Conduct (PDF 692.84KB) (Regulation)
Colin McRae Medal (PDF 63.78KB)
College Sponsorship (PDF 26.84KB)
Colon and Rectal Surgical Fund (PDF 108.86KB)
Colorectal Research Prizes - RACS General Surgery SET Trainees (PDF 55.79KB)
Committee of Paediatric Surgery Terms of Reference (PDF 114.84KB)
Companion of the College (PDF 30.68KB)
Conduct of the Cardiothoracic Surgical Sciences and Principles Examination) (PDF 132.29KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Clinical Examination (PDF 143.6KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Generic Surgical Sciences Examination for Prevocational Doctors (PDF 127.37KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Orthopaedic Principles and Basic Science Examination (PDF 138.48KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Paediatric Anatomy and Embryology Examination) (PDF 139.95KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Paediatric Pathophysiology Examination (PDF 134.53KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Science and Principles Examination (PDF 126.52KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the SET Generic Surgical Science Examination (PDF 139.21KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Surgical Science Examination in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (PDF 136.04KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Surgical Science Examination in Urology (PDF 127.37KB) (Regulation)
Conduct of the Surgical Science Examination in Vascular Surgery (PDF 139.31KB) (Regulation)
Confirmation of Fellowship (PDF 101.79KB)
Conflict of Interest (PDF 158.26KB) (Regulation)
Continuing Professional Development Program (PDF 210.16KB) (Regulation)
Continuing Professional Development Program - Approval of Activities (PDF 62.02KB)
Continuing Professional Development Program - Exemptions (PDF 145.84KB)
Continuing Professional Development Program - Verification (PDF 127.18KB)
Council's Guidelines for Requirements of Fellowships in New Specialties (PDF 152.25KB) (Regulation)
Counter Terrorism Financing and Anti Money Laundering (PDF 169.51KB)
Court of Examiners Terms of Reference (PDF 121.05KB)
Court of Honour (PDF 18.43KB)
CPD Homes Working Party (PDF 27.02KB)


















RACS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Medal (PDF 58.46KB)
RACS Assistance and Support in Developing International Surgical Training Programs (PDF 142.43KB)
RACS Brand (PDF 116.65KB)
RACS Constitutional Change Working Group (PDF 122.29KB)
RACS Corpora and Investment Reserve (PDF 163.01KB)
RACS Faculty Charter (PDF 35.71KB)
RACS Foundation Developing Country Relief Fund Policy and Regulations (PDF 31.67KB)
RACS International Medal (PDF 31.92KB)
RACS Lecture at the Biennial Asian Surgical Association Conference Travelling Fellowship (PDF 33.47KB)
RACS Māori Health Medal (PDF 139.23KB)
RACS Medal (PDF 101.96KB)
RACS Paper Prize (PDF 29.18KB)
RACS PNG Medals (PDF 27.01KB)
RACS Representatives to External Bodies (PDF 42.67KB)
RACS' Vehicle Use and Management (PDF 429.62KB)
RACSTA Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 172.01KB)
Raelene Boyle Research Scholarship (Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation) (PDF 50.84KB)
RC Bennett Prize (PDF 34.17KB)
Recognition of Outstanding Service (PDF 32.29KB)
Recognition of Prior Learning (PDF 22.35KB)
Reconciliation Action Plan Implementation Group Terms of Reference (PDF 105.34KB)
Reconsideration, Review and Appeal (PDF 106.62KB) (Regulation)
Registrar's Paper Prize (PDF 30.43KB)
Religious Observance (PDF 26.12KB)
Registration and Selection to Surgical Education and Training (PDF 227.92KB) (Regulation)
Renewal of Endoscopist Skills and Training (REST) Working Party Terms of Reference (PDF 98.05KB)
Research and Academic Surgery Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 81.1KB) 
Research and Evaluation (incorporating ASERNIP-S) Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 98.99KB) (PDF 98.99KB)
Research During Surgical Education and Training (PDF 23.3KB) 
Research Scholarships (PDF 284.15KB)
Re-skilling and Re-entry Program Guidelines (PDF 125.59KB) 
Responsible Approach to Alcohol (PDF 52.2KB)
Restriction of College Activity (PDF 127.57KB) (Regulation)
Retired and Deceased Fellows (PDF 153.92KB) (Regulation) 
Risk Management (PDF 225.76KB)
Road Safety Award (PDF 91.1KB)
Rowan Nicks Mentorship Award (PDF 314.55KB)
Rowan Nicks Travel Lecturer Scholarship (PDF 292.39KB)
RP Jepson Medal (PDF 62.67KB)
RP Morton Head and Neck Oncology Grant Corpus Terms of Reference (PDF 31.17KB)
Rural Health Equity Steering Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 27.11KB)
Rural Surgeons Award (PDF 98.23KB)
Rural Surgical Fund (PDF 106.85KB)



Sam Mellick Travelling Fellowship Fund Terms of Reference (PDF 181.02KB)
Scholarship and Grant Reviewer Pool (PDF 41.54KB)
Scholarship Program Leave (PDF 69.03KB)
Scholarship Program Part-Time (PDF 38.58KB)
Scholarships Evaluation and Monitoring Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 66.72KB)
Sections Terms of Reference (PDF 177.86KB)
Service to the Community Award (PDF 32.32KB)
SET Misconduct (PDF 89.58KB) (Regulation)
SET Trainee Agreement (PDF 177.72KB)
Short-term Training in a Medical Specialty Pathway in Australia (PDF 207.09KB)
Specialist International Medical Graduates Assessed with a Defined Scope of Practice (PDF 182.53KB) (Regulation)
Simon Siu International Travel Grant (PDF 103.79KB)
Sir Alan Newton Surgical Education Medal (PDF 37.36KB)
Sir Henry Newland Award (PDF 22.34KB)
Sir Hugh Devine Medal (PDF 30.38KB)
Sir Louis Barnett Medal (PDF 31.29KB)
Skills Course Performance - Feedback to Surgical Supervisors (PDF 23.58KB)
Skills Training Faculty (PDF 71.31KB)
Social Media (PDF 83.51KB)
South Australian Audit of Surgical Mortality (SAASM) Management Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 66.07KB)
Specialist Assessment of Specialist International Medical Graduates in Australia (PDF 82.93KB) (Regulation)
Specialist International Medical Graduate Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 101.8KB)
Specialty Surgical Education and Training Fee (PDF 48.56KB) (Regulation)
Subscriptions (PDF 61.21KB) (Regulation)
Supervision of the Clinical Practice of Specialist International Medical Graduates in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand (PDF 208.99KB) (Regulation)
Supervisors of Specialist International Medical Graduates in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand (PDF 196.53KB)
Surgeons International Award (PDF 118.42KB)
Surgical Audit Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 114.33KB)
Surgical Competence and Performance Working Party Terms of Reference (PDF 106.37KB)
Surgical Education and Training Fee (PDF 59.14KB) (Regulation)
Surgical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 35.9KB)
Surgical Research Award (PDF 107.41KB)
Surgical Research Society of Australasia Research Fund (PDF 67.26KB)
Surgical Research Uncommitted Funds (PDF 29.59KB)
Surgical Science and Clinical Examinations Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 109.59KB)
Surgical Science Examination Subcommittees Terms of Reference (PDF 41.08KB)
Surgical Supervisors (PDF 102.2KB)
Surgical Trainers (PDF 104.68KB)
Surgical Workforce Census (PDF 31.91KB)
Suspension and Removal of Office Holders, Committee Members and College Representatives (PDF 126.74KB) (Regulation)
Sustainability in Healthcare Working Group Terms of Reference (PDF 96.53KB)